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Free, easy-to-use fundraising tools that help PTOs raise more in less time:


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A complete platform of easy-to-use fundraising tools for...

BetterWorld costs $0 and takes no “platform fee”. Even better, over 95% of donors cover the credit card fees (2.9% + $0.30).  

Actually Free

Whether this is your first online fundraising campaign or your thousandth, BetterWorld is incredibly intuitive for you and your donors.  

Easy to Use

One place to manage any campaign you want to run – no more juggling different technologies for auctions or raffles or ticketing.  



“What a gorgeous and intuitive take on fresh and modern PTO fundraising that makes it so easy to leverage the campaigns to raise a ton of money!"

Christina Hidek

PTO Answers

Our school used BetterWorld last year and did very well, especially for our first time offering an online auction. We are excited to work with them again this year.

Susan S.


Ellen F.

Our auction has wrapped up and we are thrilled with the results. I am also astonished at how many shortcuts I got when I downloaded reports. It was so helpful!


This has been our best fundraising platform yet! So easy to use and multiuser friendly.

Jaime N.


5-Minute Set-Up – Get set up and start accepting donations in under 5 minutes 

Always Included

Unlimited Everything – Run as many campaigns with as many items and team members as you like

Automated Payments & Receipts – Handled automatically so you'll never have to do it manually again

Easy to Export – Access all information in a format that easily imports into most donor management platforms

Encrypted & Secure – We are fully PCI-compliant, and all financial data is encrypted by our payment processor to PCI DSS Level 1 standards

Never Sell Donor Data – Because, obviously. We can’t believe some companies still do this…

No Advertising – Tacky banner ads and promotions go against our principles of beautiful design

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Request a free demo now to see if BetterWorld is right for your PTO.

Request a free demo now to find out of BetterWorld has the right fundraising options for your PTO.

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